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Fly on the Wall Productions is a Kenyan Audio-Visual Production Company registered in Kenya that works with reputable players in the creative industry. We’re passionate about creating exceptional work and finding production solutions to suit all budgets, big or small.

In a time that we see a shift in the treatment of creative ideas, and when we must appreciate more the importance of digital videos in self-expression, we have developed new and bold ways to make you and your Brand stand out. Our stable of filmmakers and creative talent is passionate and equipped to engage your briefs with audio and visual experiences that are not only creative but memorable and appealing in both content and form. Our experience in combining creativity and strategy will help realize your project’s full creative potential.  

The Perfect Team

Fly on the Wall Productions brings together the perfect team of highly talented creatives to produce every job. We will help your brand grow by sharpening your ideas and concepts by executing them in the best possible way while being flexible and adaptable with the budgets

The Perfect Team



Gitura is a skilled Film and TV Director with years of experience in the Audio-Visual Industry and numerous Television and Radio productions to his credit. He is an excellent Copywriter and brings to life creative content through his natural experience as a storyteller. Being an accomplished actor himself, he brings a wealth of knowledge in the production of effective messaging for societal change.

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