In the Early 2000’s I was part of this greatly acclaimed TV series that tackled various social economic issues and that was viewed in large parts of Africa. This pioneering Series laid a solid background to Gitura-Kamau’s interest in Film Direction having being inspired by the Directors who made a spectacle out of the stories.


This Kenyan Crime Series was a runaway success that opened the imagination of Kenyan Filmmakers in the art of storytelling. It was a great platform that brought together the best in the Kenyan Film Industry


In Siri Gitura-Kamau acted as Jamal, a runaway Soldier with a troubled marriage. The Series tackled issues affecting the community within a backdrop of a Tea plantation.


This was a daily Soap Opera that delved into relationships and was largely formatted from other successful Series in South Africa. Gitura-Kamau was a Deacon.


In this Comedy commissioned by MNET, Fly-on-the-Wall produced and directed 2 Seasons of an entertaining and well received coastal drama that featured the best of cast and Crew from Mombasa.


AFRIKAN TAHDET (Under the African Skies)

This greatly acclaimed short film, short on location in Malindi, was a Danish co-production that had followed the story of two disillusioned older white women who come to the Kenyan Coast and find love.


This Kenyan short film was a parody of the greed in the politics of a fictitious African country. Its concept, execution and delivery earned it awards in the Machawood Film Festival. Gitura-Kamau was nominated as the Best Supporting Actor.


This film tackled radicalization among the youth in Kenya while looking at angles of practical intervention. Gitura-Kamau was a boxing Coach in the slums who uses the sport as a way of keeping the youth busy.


In this 2020 film directed by Gitura-Kamau, Fly on the Wall productions explore the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic in Kenya by following both the Virus and key stakeholders in the society and learning how they are coping with the disease and celebrating the human psyche and determination.


Featuring some of the most celebrated Kenyan actors, this film was a project that celebrated a Finnish hero but set and worked on in Kenya. Gitura-Kamau had a bit role but was the films Assistant Producer.


This film Nollywood Actress Rita Dominic and was positively reviewed and received as a Kenyan-Nigerian collaboration. It was a big budget film that set the pace for other productions in an Industry that was just then finding its footing in Kenya Gitura-Kamau was the Assistant Producer


This One Day Films/Ginger Ink production was a film that tackled among other things the effects of mental illness. Gitura was nominated as Best Supporting Actor in a Film for his portrayal of Sospeter, who is an Uncle of title character


In 2020, Gitura-Kamau was nominated and won in the category in the International Kalasha Awards for his role as Jesse in the film Family Meeting. The internationally crowd funded film dealt with what families go through when skeletons come out of the closets


In the latest blockbuster Army themed movie, Mission to Rescue, that won Best Film at the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), Gitura-Kamau was a negotiator meant to free hostages held by terrorists. The movie has been well received in Kenya and beyond.


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