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Working hand in hand with the best casting agencies we also have access to an array of the most highly sought-after talents and models. A full-service production company who can help you in the development stage with pre-production services including Research, Storyboard and Concept Creation, Location Scouting and Permits, Casting with Talent Appearance Releases, Hair and Makeup, Costume and Set Design, Insurance.


Our squad of talented producers, directors, cinematographers, and other veteran filmmakers really understand how to handle any production of any scale. From low-budget single camera web series’ and documentaries to multi-camera productions like TVC with print and video along with feature films, we make sure our client’s expectations are exceeded above and beyond.


Access to the best post houses in the nation, we take great pride in our team of editors, color-correctors, animators, sound-mixers, and gfx artists. Working with the best state of the art equipment and the newest software, we’re sure to deliver what you need.

Fixing & Stringing

We specialize in collaborating with foreign productions inbound or outbound. Working jointly with film commissions and government bodies to make sure permits are locked and incentives are reimbursed. We understand how difficult it is when shooting in an unfamiliar country with organizing ideas, locations, crew, and gear. We make sure that your production service needs are met with the right resources.


We have a team of highly trained photographers whose belief in authenticity and genuineness is key to giving pictures a soul. We will capture your happiest moments with both imagination and creativity. We will create memories for you that you will cherish forever.

Shoot Production

We handle all production elements. We will take care of all shooting logistics, East African Crew, Equipment hire/Rentals, Accommodation, Transport et al. We are a company that will make your filming experience in East Africa both memorable and rewarding.

Multimedia Technology Training

This short course covers several important areas of video editing, photography, graphic designing, and digital animation. Students will gain hands-on skills and techniques needed to create professional-looking videos, visual effects, motion graphics, and animations. The course is ideal for those who want to gain thorough practical skills and understanding of multimedia development tools and techniques.

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