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In a world that is increasingly changing its tempo and design, its awareness and concepts of branding and business competitiveness, there is need to have products and services that continually grow and repackage themselves to suit growing trends.

The film Industry is one such field.

Even before the onset of the pandemic, the Film and Advertising Industry was facing challenges due to the fast-paced changes in information and technology. The hugely analogous field had to quickly adapt and embrace the internet as a medium of not just communication but as a key cog in ensuring that its presence remained visible and relevant.

The pandemic presented new challenges on how every Industry would from then on present itself. The Film industry was especially hard it, owing to its very personal nature that makes it thrive. Movie halls became empty, filming was cancelled or at best extremely controlled and meetings of creatives had to adopt to Zoom and other online platforms…

It has become necessary therefore to reposition ourselves to make our online presence known to retain our competitive edge that will help us retain a market share in Advertising and in Film.


The Present

Owing to this new need, the appreciation that we must change with the times and not necessarily rely on the traditional ways of having our voices heard, Fly-on-the-Wall Productions is excited to launch and introduce an interactive website that will be a platform for information and publicity.

This will be also a forum for both your products and services.

We are delighted to introduce a website that’s fast, user friendly and easily navigable all in an effort to make sure that our services are attractive to our clients.

Fly on the Wall Productions has emerged as a leader in Film Production. Our cutting edge in design and innovation make our services and products accessible to current and prospective clients.

That’s why its our endeavor to provide you not just with accurate information about the film landscape in Kenya but also share our knowledge and hands on expertise in Film and Television Production, Advertising and Photography in East Africa.

To make this website provide you with the full online feel and presence we have integrated all other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to provide a wholesome communications platform that’s both up to date and interactive.

That’s why we invite you to join us in this venture in making one vibrant platform that helps recognize and puts to fore the Kenyan Film and Advertising Industry to the world.

We will include features on ongoing productions, profile Artistes, point clients in the right direction in terms of locations, sourcing Cast and Crew.

We will do this while embracing the immense talent we all possess while at the same time,  celebrating the beauty of this industry to Kenya and beyond.

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